About nLogic

Quality in focus

The company was established in 2007, by experienced people from some of Norway's leading IT companies, in response to the lack of quality focus in the industry. The founding partners believed customers deserved products and solutions of a much higher quality than the major players in the market were capable of delivering. The Swedish subsidiary, nLogic Sweden AB, was established in 2020.

Challenging the market - understanding the customers

Value for money and the best possible quality is still the company's main focus, and customers benefit from nLogic's position as a challenger in the market. The ability to adapt to customer needs and understanding the requirements are important factors, causing nLogic's success.

Broad competence

nLogic offers consulting, design and implementation of market leading datacenter and network infrastructure and security solutions. 

Extreme expertise

nLogic takes great pride in the high technical expertise our staff holds, it's the most valuable asset in the company. All our employees are expected to maintain their high level of competency. nLogic is committed to being at the forefront of technology, and we work closely with our technology partners to ensure this.

A long term partner

nLogic has a healthy economy, which ensures that we will be there for our customers also in the future. nLogic works only with selected vendors, who excel in their industry. Our main focus is to keep our customers satisfied.

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