Support and Maintenance

nLogic works closely with our customers so that we together can create the best possible solutions and results. nLogic has good accessibility at all times, both on expertise, support and on any spare parts. We provide customers with maximum service at all levels.

nLogic offers complete support and maintenance of solutions and equipment we have installed ourselves, regardless of which subcontractor we have used.

  • Support Inquiries
  • Weekdays (08:00 - 16:00): +47 40 61 88 88 (key 2 for technical) / support@nlogic.no

Outside ordinary opening hours: support@nlogic.no / on call
NB! Priority 1 inquiries (critical) must be notified both by telephone and email

Support and log files from Juniper products
If you experience a problem with a Juniper product, we will be able to help you faster if you collect and upload the following information.

For Juniper (Junos) based units:
> request support information | save /var/tmp/RSI.txt
> file archive compress source /var/log/* destination /var/tmp/logs.tgz

Copy and send us the support and log files. (RSI.txt and logs.tgz)

For obtaining support and log files for Juniper EX in Virtual Chassis see description at Juniper's pages